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Allied, a member of Nationwide, among others

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Do you have a local agent you can sit down with who will talk to you and advise you how to protect your family, who has a great selection of major insurance carriers at his or her fingertips? We have been in Gresham since 1980; 31 years and will be here another 30 years, to serve you. Professional people who you can trust.

Why spend hours searching the web when we have most of the best carriers right here in our office, and can rate them all at once in minutes for you. On the web you, might but generally don't, get the price you are being quoted. When you buy on the web you are putting your total financial being at risk. Do you really have any idea what the coverage's really cover or more importantly, what they do not cover? We know the questions to ask and have the experience to get you the right product to protect you and your family at the best price.

Don't be the guy below who will be up half the week nights trying to find a good price and then end up speaking with someone in India or some other county. Get someone you can understand who is there to immediately help you and guide you who is a local person.

We have tremendous commercial markets that can handle any type of business large or small at great prices.

If you no longer have a local agent for any of these companies, we are still here and can assist you locally. Most agencies our size have moved to Portland but we are still here for your convenience, to assist you locally. We can be your agent for any of the above insurance carriers and many others.

Don Brown & Associates D. Brown Agencies, Inc. 260 NE 2nd St. Gresham, OR 97030
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